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This service is offered to "My portfolio in Solo" clients.

Log on and select "Home"

"Alerts", offered to subscribers of the Internet trading service "My portfolio in Solo", allows you to monitor fluctuations in securities that are of interest. You will receive Alerts by e-mail or by text messaging to inform you of any securities with fluctutions that you set up beforehand.

Create and Maintain Your Alerts

  • From "My portfolio in Solo", return to the LBDB Home page by clicking "Home"
  • From the menu bar, select "Markets" and "Alerts"
  • Select "Add a Stock Alert"
  • Enter your securities and the "Alert Type" you want to receive

There are eight alert types. For more information, select "Help" and read "Reoccuring Alerts vs One Time Only alerts".

The alerts are sent by e-mail or by text messaging to the address of your choice. They can be directed to PC or to a cellphone.