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My Watchlist

This service is offered to "My portfolio in Solo" clients.
Log on and select "Home"

"My Portfolio", offered to subscribers of the Internet trading service "My portfolio in Solo", allows you to monitor your stock portfolios and create simulation portfolios.

Among the various functions offered, you can track daily fluctuations of your stocks and mutual funds and thereby obtain a rapid evalation of the market value of these investments in relation to your initial purchase price.

You can request a daily summary of your portfolios be sent to you by e-mail, in text mode or HTML format.

Create Your Watchlist

You may create several watchlist by giving them different name. Follow these steps:

  • •  From "My portfolio in Solo", return to the LBDB Home page by clicking "Home"
  • •  From the menu bar, select "Markets" and "My Portfolio"
  • •  Select "Add a Portfolio"
  • •  Enter your securities

View Your Portfolios

In a single view you can display the securites in delayed mode that make up any watchlist you created. Follow these steps:

  • •  Log on to "My portfolio in Solo" by clicking "go Solo"
  • •  Click "Home"
  • •  From the menu bar, select "Markets" and "My Portfolio"
  • •  Select "My Portfolios"
  • •  Select the desired portfolios you created