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Other Investment Types

Share Right

The share right is a temporary privilege granted to the common shareholders of a company making it possible to buy new securities directly from the issuing company at a price stipulated in advance. This price is generally lower than the stock price on the day the share rights are issued. These rights can be negotiated on the stock market until maturity.

Stock Purchase Warrant

Stock purchase warrants provide the holder with the right to buy stocks from an underlying company for a given period and at a specified price. During a stock issuance, it can happen that the company will attach a stock purchase warrant to the offer in order to facilitate the initial investment. Afterwards, the company can issue them at its discretion. Since the stock purchase warrant has a maturity date, the risk attached to this type of investment is relatively high.

Instalment Receipts

An instalment receipt is a receipt received by the buyers of a new stock issuance payable not in a global amount but in instalment payments. They are also referred to as "partially-paid shares". The buyer generally pays a deposit upon issuance, half the share issue price, then the balance over the following year.

Debentures Listed on the Stock Market

A debenture is a debt instrument issued by a company, which is only guaranteed by the issuer's credit reputation and not by an asset or an asset element from the borrower.