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Gold and silver Maple Leaf

Are you interested in diversifying your portfolio by buying gold or silver as an investment? One way to do that is by buying Maple Leaf coins, whose value is recognized around the world. We are now able to offer Maple Leafs, which are produced by the Royal Canadian Mint, and include 99.99% gold or silver content purity levels. This, plus the fine engraving make them particularly high-quality investment products.


Gold Maple Leaf: one troy ounce.

Silver Maple Leaf: one troy ounce.
  • Produced by the Royal Canadian Mint
  • Made with pure 99.99% gold.
  • Weight (g): 31.15
  • Slice fluted
  • Diameter: 30 mm
  • Artist: Graveurs de la Monnaie (back) Susanna Blunt (front)
  • Produced by the Royal Canadian Mint
  • Made with pure 99.99% silver.
  • Weight (g): 31.1
  • Slice fluted
  • Diameter: 38 mm
  • Artist: Dora de Pédery-Hunt (back) Susanna Blunt (front)

To purchase Maple Leaf coins please contact one of our representatives at 514-908-2528 or 1-877-908-2528. You will be notified of the acquisition price and the transaction will be immediately confirmed. Please be advised that the purchase of precious metals is subject to availability of gold/silver Maple Leaf coins or silver bars.

Gold is traded in 10-ounce tranches and silver in 500-ounce tranches.

Business hours for transactions are between 8:30 and 15:30 on all market days.

Transactions are made in US dollars. A competitive exchange rate is applied when a purchase or sales transaction is made through a Canadian account.

Maple Leaf coins can be bought in cash and registered accounts. Click here to access account opening forms.

The coins that you buy will be physically held by our custodian. We do not offer a delivery service.

There is no minimal holding period and the pieces may be sold at any time.

Transaction fees of $25 will be applied to all coin purchases and sales.

Storage fees of $0.10 per month for Maple Leaf gold coins and $0.01 per month for silver coins, plus applicable taxes, will be billed monthly (the first day of the month) .

* The price of gold and silver varies over time.
** Each investor should make sure that this investment product conforms to his investor profile as well as to his investment objectives.