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Get Your Internet Access

Existing Clients

If you already have an account with Laurentian Bank Discount Brokerage and would like Internet access, contact a representative at (514) 908-2528 or 1 877 908-2528 for an access code and password.

New Clients

When you fill out the Account Opening form, check the box to indicate your desire to apply for the "My portfolio in Solo" transactional platform.

A minimum of 24 hours after your account application is received, a representative will contact you with your access code and password.

For the documents required to open an account, go to Application Forms.

To Access "My portfolio in Solo"

Go to the "Client Access" section in the upper left-hand portion of the display, enter your access code and password in the appropriate fields and click "in Solo". This will bring you to the password management module.

For your protection, your initial password must be changed immediately and every 90 days thereafter.

However, since you can change your password at any time, we encourage you to adopt this habit for reasons of security.

Finally, never share your password with anyone and do not write it in an easily accessible place. For more information about this, go to Security and Privacy.

You may now access your account and buy and sell online.

To Begin Navigation

The first display shows the list of accounts that you hold with Laurentian Bank Discount Brokerage. To continue navigating in the transactional portion of the site, select account by clicking on it. The list of available options will be displayed on the left side of the display.

For more information, go to Trading Service by Internet.

Note: Even though you have activated your account for Internet transactions via "My portfolio in Solo", you may still place orders by phone with a representative. When you place phone orders, the schedule for Representative-Assisted Commissions applies.